MEDIU First International Conference on Islamic Studies 2016

Contemporary Islamic Studies and Emerging Issues

Towards Contextualizing Islamic Discourse


New developments have emerged in the Islamic reality which raised many ideological, doctrinal, and da’wa problems whereby there was necessity to make a stand to address these realistic issues by studying the ideas of current curricula though criticism and guidance, and also through the search for solutions extracted from the general principles of Islam; Sharia and its scripts. Therefore, this conference seeks to create an opportunity for a scholarly meeting where researchers, intellectuals and students can lead a constructive dialogue to stand upon the world’s most important centers and their role on the process of ‘education industry’, and to study the most important contemporary issues such as freedom, and women issues, the Muslim community, the Islamic Caliphate, the development of Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic banks, and the various issues that fall under the crucible of Islam.

Objectives of the Conference:

The conference seeks to achieve the following:

  • To stand upon the emerging issues of the current reality via Islamic studies.
  • To widen the scope of research development, and to exchange ideas among the researchers.
  • To benefit from the diverse experiences and iconize those successful in Islamic studies.
  • To suggest developmental visions for the Islamic studies researches and curricula in the light of the society contemporary needs.

Conference Topics:

  • The role of educational institutions, human rights centers, and women’s rights associations in promoting the current issues and creating certain culture, and their impact on the contemporary Islamic issues.
  • Visions for researches and curricula in the Islamic studies in light of the contemporary society needs.
  • Islam issues in the writings of the contemporary Muslim and non-muslin scholars.
  • Integration of knowledge and Interdisciplinary researches of Islamic studies and other sciences.


Al-Madinah International University – Shah Alam – Malaysia